Peradon ‘Saturn’ 3/4 jointed 8 Ball Pool Cue
November 15, 2017
Aramith1G Tournament Champion Balls
November 17, 2017

Peradon One piece 8 Ball Pool ‘Break’ Cue


Peradon One piece 8 Ball Pool ‘Break’ Cue

57″ Rosewood front spliced , black fibre ferrule with 10mm Elkmaster tip; perfect for breaking off

Peradon One piece 8 Ball Pool ‘Break’ Cue

  • 57″ cue with Rosewood Front splice, for breaking off
  • Black fibre ferrule
  • Fitted with 10mm Elkmaster tip

Cue Care

Peradon cues need to be cared for correctly as they are tapered pieces of timber. If the cue is not care for correctly, there is a high possibility of warping.

In order to check straightness of your cue you must not roll the cue on the table.

Instead, cues should be “sighted” which is the method used by Cue makers at each stage of production. To do this look down the cue’s length from butt to tip turning the cue slowly, as a result of this any warpage will be easy to see.

In addition, to ensure the cue remains in perfect condition for every game:

  • Store your cue in a cue case in a cool, dry place or on a cue rack.
  • Keep your cue away from heat i.e. radiators/ hot pipes/ hot vehicles.
  • Do not lean your cue against a wall.
  • Refrain from leaning on your cue whilst playing.
  • Do not bang the butt of cue on the floor to acknowledge good strokes.


Furthermore, if you would like to test the strength and weight on the cue to suit your individual needs, come along to our retail premise were a selection of cues and other snooker accessories are on offer.


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