Ball Position Marker
Ball Position Marker
July 20, 2017
Nylon Spider Rest Head
Nylon Spider Rest Head only
July 20, 2017

Cannon Cougar 3 Section Cue



Cannon Cougar three section cue.

This 57” three section cue is manufactured from sports grade Ash offer superb value for money.

The cue features a machine spliced Cherrywood butt with brass ‘Cannon’ joints fitted in the centre of the cue and also 10” from the butt. This enables a player playing in a restricted space to remove the 10” section from the butt for the occasional awkward shot.

The butt is finished with a brass Cannon disc and a protective leather butt pad.

For a ‘screw on extension’ to fit this cue please view the ‘related products’ section of this page.

This cue features a solid brass ferrule and 9.5 to 10mm nominal Blue Chrome Leather tip.


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